Friday, March 30, 2007

More Videos!

Gosh, this video thing turned out to be so easy that I had to add another one.

I call this piece, "Walking is Cool and Easy with the Aid of My Truck." I hope you like it.

P.S. Mama and Dada got me this cool truck at The Land of Nod - they have lots of cool stuff! You should check it out. Not that my birthday's coming up or anything....

Thursday, March 29, 2007


While mama and dada were busy cleaning the house like wild animals, I got on the internet and figured out how to share videos with you, my adoring fans!

I like to call this one "How I Totally Kick Ass at Climbing the Stairs." Enjoy.

Saturday, March 17, 2007



It's been a MONTH since I last updated?
Hello my PATIENT, loyal readers! I'm so sorry it's been such a long time since my last update! But, in my defense, Mama and Dada have been keeping me verrrrrry busy.
For instance, they have me filing their paperwork...
I try to tell them that they should really SHRED some of the older stuff, and that I would be happy to help them carry out this endeavor.Alas, they get out a machine to do it. It's quicker, I guess. But I have to admit, the machine is very fascniating...

Is it Christmas already?! No, it's just the KITTY! Almost as good. (Run, Kitty, Run!)My parents are obsesseed with feeding me food.
Dada, I'm not so sure about this pear.

In fact, I think I'm finished with this pear. But I'll save a little for later. On my face.
Bread, now we're talkin'! They say that I take after Grandpops in this way. Mom sometimes shakes her fist at the sky while talking about this. I don't know what that's about, but bread is GOOD!Good enough to save some for later. On my face.
I don't know why servers give menus to BABIES. But they do make fancy hats.

Did you know Babies can go swimming? I didn't know, either, but it's true!Mama and Dada took me to this weird place called Frankenmuth, MI, which is a "Bavarian" town. It looked funny, but their pool was really neat!

Sometimes playing is hard work. I mostly make it look easy, I know.
Sometimes my friend Enzo comes over to help me play.
We are plotting to take over the world. This walker will be instrumental to our reign.
Can you imagine a world run by BABIES?! I know, I'm excited at the thought, too!
Here's me in my "Huckleberry Silas" outfit, as Mama calls it. These pants used to be Dada's! I can't believe he ever wore them, either.

Ok, well I gotta run. Mama is taking me off for some new adventure!
Until next time (and I promise it won't be so long!) I remain your humble adorable baby,
Silas T.