Friday, June 29, 2007

Oregon, Birthday, New House!

Hello loyal, PATIENT friends.

I welcome you to the newest installment of my life entitled "We go on a Trip, Mama and Dada lose their minds, We Come Home and Move, and I Turn One."

We Go On A Trip: Oregon!!!
First, you should know that Grandmoms and Grandpops like to put babies to WORK.

Occasionally Pops let me take a break to admire all the good stuff we got done in the yard.
And although they didn't always clothe me,
they did feed me good stuffand provide some great toys to play with!
They also gave me some time off of my grueling schedule to swim

We also visited the Pacific Ocean! Holy cow, that was the coolest.

Mama didn't understand why I had to taste the sand. She is so thick, sometimes.You might enjoy this video of me splorin' the water...

After a long day, I took a bath in Gmoms and Pops' giant bathtub,
and then I was ready for bed.

We Move to a New House
Check out the bunny that lives near our new house! There are three that we know of. And a chipmunk. And lots of birds (including pretty red cardinals!)

I like our new house so much, I do a dance.

I Turn One!
The night before my birthday, Mama and Dada decide that I should experience Ethiopian food for the first time. I gotta say, that stuff rocks! You get to eat with your hands (grown-ups, too) and the food is soooo tasty!

For my actual birthday, my friends Lucas and Parker and Miss Nathalie came over for some food, fun and cupcakes!What? This isn't how you're supposed to eat ketchup?
Cupcake? Cupcake!
No more photos, please. We're all finished here.
Dada takes us all for a spin
Oh, and did I tell you I got presents?!?! Mimi and Pop sent me this cool little red wagon!
And Mama and Dada got me this cool trailer so we can all go on bike adventures!
Well, loyal readers, that's all for now. We'll be sure to update you again soon!
One last thing. I have a birthday present for all you nice folks out there. I don't know why everyone is so ga-ga about these photos, but I had fun running around naked while they took them. Enjoy.
Until next time I remain your humble, adorable toddler,
Silas T.