Tuesday, January 17, 2006


Well the ultrasound on Friday, January 13th confirmed what I believed all along: it's a boy! We are so excited. He was super active during the scan, and we got to see all kinds of cool stuff: his kidneys, stomach, brain (!), spine, feet, thigh bones, and of course, his boy parts. Although the ultrasound was uber-cool and our technician was amazing, she isn't too great at getting good stills. Or it could be all that chocolate I ate right before the scan made him hard to capture!

Front shot - notice his hands near his face - he likes to sleep with his arms above his head, apparently (like his dad).

Profile #1 - this is how he was actually oriented in my uterus at the time - face down. Likes to rock out on his belly!

Another front shot - see his fist hear his eye? And his little piggy nose. He looks like he's stretching out. Or maybe agitating for more chocolate.

A profle, upside down. You can see his face profile a lot clearer from this angle. Check out the cool spine! And you can see his jaw and eye sockets in the skull. Neato!

Sorry we didn't get any shots of the boy parts, but rest assured that he was NOT shy about showing them off. Chad was inordinately proud of this, for some reason.

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