Friday, March 03, 2006

25 Weeks

Ok, let me just say that the other night Chad came home from work starving, so who was I to say no to going out to our favorite finer diner, The Fly Trap, where I proceeded to have a great BLAT (aka bacon, letuce, Avocado, and tomato. YUM!). Then, afterward he whined and whined for ice cream, so again, who am I to deny my hardworking husband of a little black cherry ice cream from the local parlor?

I just thought you should know all that before you see my fat belly. I did it all for Chad.

25 weeks of chub!

Still, amazingly, an innie...

Am I really pregnant? (Black is soooo slimming!)

Why, yes! Yes I am!

1 comment:

The Martins said...

Looking good!
Actually you are looking GREAT!
Don't deny the ice cream.....If I didn't give in to the ice cream I would dream, crave, and think about it until I had it, preferably in the form of milkshakes.