Thursday, January 04, 2007

Holiday Update!

Hello very very loyal readers.  Sorry for the long long long time between posts, but I seriously didn't see this whole holiday craziness coming.  Seriously!  Between Mama's birthday, Christmas with Mimi and Pop, and then another Christmas with Grandmoms and Grandpops, it has been an unbelievably busy couple of weeks!

Here's me and Mama on her birthday.  They have this weird thing with wrapping up this orange hat every year as a gag gift.  Pops says I look like Kubla Kahn.

Snuggling with Dad on his favorite couch at Mimi and Pop's:

Me and Ali Cat and my cousins Evan and Macy.  Ali is Aunt Holly's best friend's daughter.

Evan was really nice and played with me a lot!

Aunt Holly and Uncle Paul got me this sweet bear outfit!  It's so soft and warm.

Aunt Holly was nice and let me eat her remote!

Christmas Morning

Dad got carried away when throwing out used wrapping paper:

Me and Mimi and Pop in their new house:

This is me and my dad's best friend, Greg and his son Luke.  We met for Thai food, but those meanies wouldn't give me any coconut ice cream.

Bath time!

Me and mama and dad's friend Derek (aka the Dirkie)

Kim and I try to figure each other out.  She calls me Muffin.

Did I mention that I am now mobile?  Yep, I started crawling on Dec. 31st.  Towards the computer.  And mama.  They'll never stop me now! Bwahhahahahah!

I also have lots of video to load up, as soon as I figure this YouTube thingie out.  Stay tuned for Why I Hate Bananas and A Treatise on Why Wrapping Paper is the Best Thing Ever.

Until then I remain your humble adorable baby,
Silas T. Hickox

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WHo is that hot guy you call Dirkie