Monday, April 23, 2007

Earth Day!

Greetings, earthlings!
Mama and Dada and I celebrated Earth Day on Saturday by participating in the Sierra Club's EnviRUNment 2 mile walk! I was very popular in my red dinosaur hat.

Mama insisted on slathering this weird white stuff on my face called "sunscreen." Yuck!
I got to hug some swell trees, too.
Dada likes to hug trees, too!
We ended the day with some sweet swinging. Please disregard Mama's alien-like noises - she seems to think she has to make them to make me smile and giggle. I know, she's insane. But I have to love her anyway!

Until next time, I remain your humble adorable baby,
Silas T.

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Anonymous said...

Those must be some yummy apples!

What a funny guy!