Thursday, August 09, 2007

Summer Update Extravaganza!

Hello loyal readers!

New update here from your favorite baby blogger, Silas T. I have got a LOT to share with you, because Mama and Dada have been keeping me BIZZAY! Look how tired I am after catching up with all this blogging:
Well, without further ado...

New Jersey Wedding Trip Craziness!
Yes, we went "down the shore" as they say for my cousin Kim's wedding! It was really a lot of fun, I got to see a bunch of my crazy relatives and play with my awesome cousin Kyle!

I am so ready to blow this hotel room and go to the BEACH!

Woo-hoo! Freedom!
They made me slow down to take photos occasionally. Here's Grandmom, Grandpops, Mama, Dada and Me, and Uncle Paul.
Here's Cousin Kerry the "matron-of-honor" or whatever that means.
Look how pretty Cousin Kim is!!! And Uncle John ain't too bad, neither.

The reception was a really fun party! Here's my Nanny! It was so fun to visit with her.
Uncle Paul and I laugh at Dada, who's had a few too many whiskeys we think.

Aunt Sue and Uncle John are so fun. I wish we could see them more often.
At the reception, Kyle cuts a rug.

As you can see, I'm DYING to join him!!!Finally, Dada senses my needs and takes me out on the dance floor.

Little did I know what I was getting into! HELP! He's scaring me!
I feign sleep to escape the wrath of Dada's singing.My plot works too well though and I accidentally fall asleep.
The next day we visited my Aunt Jayme and Cousin Kate. Dada enjoyed this toy more than I did.
Aunt Jayme and Dada "guarding" the stairs from yours truly. These people need to seriously lighten up! I can handle me some stairs.

Upper Peninsula and Camping Trip!
Hey, did you know you can sleep outside?!? It's true! We did it in this "tent." It was super fun. We could hear Elk snorting and huffing during the night! I wanted to play with them but Mama and Dada have this hang-up about not getting up in the middle of the night. Losers.

I like to call this photo "Where's Silas?" There I am! Running in the woods. It was so fun.

There was hiking right next to our campground. Mama is trying to get me to say "tree" with my hands, but that was so five minutes ago.

There was a little river running nearby too. And there was a tiny beach where a bunch of butterflies were sunbathing!
We stopped at St. Ignace as soon as we crossed the Mackinac Bridge.
Dada threatened to dip me in Lake Superior if I didn't start carrying my own backpack. What a slave driver!
We visited this place called Tahquamenon Falls (Mama and Dada say Tahquamenon rhymes with "phenomenon," in case you were wondering). It was neat-o!

We even got to go in a canoe to an little island and walk all around!

Oh, we took this photo for Grandpops. This is what he thinks of as a waterfall:
Well, grandpops, this is what they call a waterfall in the UP:

Of course, while I found the waterfalls and canoe rides to be fine and all, the highlight of the trip for me was climing the 98 STAIRS!!!

We also visited a place called Painted Rocks National Park. It was a gloomy day, but it made it seem cool and kind of haunted! Here's me and mama in front of a shipwreck on Lake Superior:
The shore had cool rock formations! And lots of rocks to pick up and bang together.

We went on a hike to see a lighthouse!
I found it!

Mama and Dada barely let me run around at all at the lighthouse. They kept talking about "steep cliffs" and "falling." Whatever, lame-os! I'm outta here.
Other projects I'm working on...

A few other things I wanted to share with...who? YOU!
Here's one of my most time-consuming projects: reorganizing the kitchen. There's just so much to do. Of course, it would go a lot quicker if Mama and Dada didn't undo all my work at the end of everyday! Geez.

I've also been experimenting with this thing called Multitasking.

As you can imagine, all of this activity has left me plum tuckered out.

Until next time, I remain your humble adorable toddler,
Silas T.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, I had no idea the UP was so beautiful! Looks like you guys had a lot of exploring and fun!

stunning photos.....especially the one of Chad and Silas walking up the road!

You're lookin hot too mama!