Saturday, April 08, 2006

30 weeks!

Yes, we now have 3/4 of a baby! Holy moly. Less than 10 weeks to go until the due date, and less than 7 weeks until we're considered "full term". EEEEEKKK!!! So much shopping to do before then! AAAACCCKKK!

When we saw the midwives last week, everything was looking great. I had gained 4 lbs since the last appointment (3 weeks prior, with a 21 lb gain total) and the bebe appeared to be head-down and in the perfect position. So we told him he better stay that way or there would be repercussions, in the form of bacon denial.

The babe and I have also started seeing the chiropractor so that everything is aligned and in working order for the big day! I was also lucky enough to play guinea pig for the second time for a prenatal massage class today, so we're all very loosey goosey and relaxed feeling. The bacon cheeseburger for dinner didn't hurt either.

He's been prettttty active lately, and is working hard at giving me constant heartburn. Sometimes instead of watching TV Chad and I just watch my belly wiggle and jiggle all by itself. We can only imagine how entertaining he'll be once he's "on the outside."

On to the bigness of the belly!

30 weeks, 2 days!

At this point, we're convinced the belly button is in to stay. Too bad! I really wanted an outtie!
Baby? Are you in there?

Oh yeah, I also got my haircut. The jury's still out whether we will ever go back to that stylist.


K said...

Are you kidding? that belly button is sure to be an outie in a few weeks. Mine is the same way.. still in, but ... we've got 10 weeks... and remember, that the growth from here can only be OUT.. not up anymore, as our lungs are smooshed. Our belly buttons are coming out... really, they are!

If i'm wrong, I'll buy you a beer nextime you're in p-town. ;)

Its said...

Holy Geez! We are patiently waiting for the little dudes arrival. Good thing summer doesn't come until August in Mich. You look awesome!
the martins