Thursday, July 27, 2006

The Education of Mimi and Pop

Dear fans: Silas here. Sorry it's been so long since I posted. It's been a pretty hectic week. Some new people came to visit. I thought I had met everyone already--mama, dad, grandmom, grandpops....who else could there be? Then, one day last week, some new grandparents showed up on our doorstep. I kept telling dad to check their identification to make sure they were legit, but he ignored me. Apparently he thinks he knows them from somewhere. In any case, mimi and pop came to visit, and they are pretty fun! They brought presents like clothes and bibs (what's a bib for, again?). We went all over the place, to a museum and a mall and to lots of restaurants. Wow did I get exhausted! Well, here's the photo record of their visit.

Here's me and pop hanging out on the couch. Look at that innocent, unsuspecting face. He'll learn how the world works soon enough (pop, I mean).

Don't look so surprised, pop! I'm a baby. I HAVE to poop in my diaper. It's what we do. Besides mama and dad get upset when I poop anywhere else. Sorry about the disturbing noise it makes sometimes.

Mimi likes to sit in the glide rocker with me. She knows how to hold babies just right. I suspect that she has done this before. I must ask dad about that, later.
My favorite shirts have bumpy things on them. Thanks, mimi!Mama says I get "milk drunk." What's "drunk" mean, again?
Mama took me to see yet ANOTHER person (she called herself "April"). April loaned mama and dad a "hug a bub" wrap. It's like I'm still in mama's belly. Mama was singing to me and teaching me to dance. Shake your tailfeathers, mama!

After the trial breaking-in period, I have decided to keep mama around. She's pretty cool.

Mmmmmm, boob.

Why are you disturbing my sleep? Get that light out of my eyes. Oh, wait. It's the sun. Well, in that case, Ahhhh-choooo!

Well, I'm a busy guy. I gotta go. Word!

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K said...

Good god!! he's so so so cute! I love the pix of you two looking at eachother. Sigh. such love.