Saturday, July 01, 2006

The saga continues

Hey, peeps! Silas here, with my journal of my activity. It turns out that my parents ARE a bit slow, but they seem to be functional. Maybe with time and patience they'll turn out alright.

A couple of days ago the doorbell rang just as I was getting busy eating. Someone brought in this "basket" of "flowers." There was also a "balloon" that was really big and floaty. It all smelled a bit like mama's shampoo. I guess they make shampoo-scented flowers. Who knew? Anyway, someone named "Grandpops" sent the flowers. I don't understand how that all works, but this alleged "Grandpops" seems okay.

Shampoo-scented "flowers" and a "big bunny." Why is that so funny to everyone?

I finally got to finish eating. Thanks, mama.

After I ate, the whole family sat around for awhile, including my "sister" the cat. I'm not going to get all hairy like that, am I?

Next, we went for a "walk." Still not sure what that means, but we got to smell more "flowers" and the "sun" kept making me sneeze (just like it makes dad sneeze). Why I have to be squeezed like I'm back in mama's tummy I don't know, but I must humor the "special" people who are my parents. I hope I don't keep feeling this superior to them forever!

Grandmom gave me a "baby plug" or a "fooler" (but the REAL name is "pacifier"--I saw it on the package). It was as big as my face, and it didn't taste at all like mama, but apparently I will have to humor Grandmom, too. Sigh.......

Is somebody torturing a cat, or is that dad singing? Please make it stop!

Finally I got to do what I want to do. The buzzy bee is sooooo cool! Oh, and the seat hums and vibrates my tushy. This is the best thing, so far, except for mama.

All that commotion made me want to get down with my bad self just a little. By the way, I am NOT break dancing. That was over in the 80's. It's just that I can't stand up, yet. Duh!

That was a pretty full day, so I'm off to bed, right after I give a shout-out to my homies. Peace!

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