Friday, June 30, 2006

My life as a baby

Hello, everyone. This is Silas. I'm sorry I haven't posted lately, but I had to learn the language, then I had to learn to type. I apologize if I make any mistakes. I've only been at this for just over a week, now.

I have asked dad to upload some photos of me, to tell you a little about how my days tend to unfold. It's pretty boring around here. Everybody seems overly concerned with something called "sleep." Whatever. I don't know what all the fuss is about. I keep asking what that is, but they don't seem to understand me. It's like they don't understand English, or something. Perhaps my lisp is a bit worse than I originally thought. On the other hand, maybe it isn't my fault. I'm beginning to suspect that these "parents" of mine are a bit on the stupid side. I will have to keep considering that possibility. Anyway, on with the show.

This is me in the morning, before I've had my coffee.

Dad keeps crowding me. I need my space, man!

I'm pretty pleased with the noise I just made with my "butt."

The one called "mama" is stalking me, and keeps sticking her "breasts" in my face!

This was at 4 a.m. and all I wanted to do was "sleep." Why do they keep waking me up? Can someone please tell dad to change his shirt? Something stinks!

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K said...

Oh Silas, you're such a charmer. Ruby thinks you're the best. :)