Wednesday, June 07, 2006

39 Weeks!

We're really in the homestretch now! AAAAGGHHH!!!

Well, everything is looking good, baby is in a great position, and the midwife as of yesterday is estimating him to be around 8 lbs!!!! YIKES! Let's hope he comes soon because he's just going to keep getting bigger, and that thought is a little scary to mama!

I'm still seeing the chiropractor twice a week to make sure we keep in good alignment and the baby in a good position. AND I got a massage on Monday, at Chad's insistence. What a good husband!

We've been having nightly talks with the baby about how we're ready for him to come on out and that we promise to still feed him and keep him warm, how it's really fun out here and we have so much to show him, PLUS how he'll have SO much more room to stretch out his gigantic feet on the outside. Because right now he's making my stomach pretty lumpy looking when he decides to stretch.

On with the show!

39 Weeks!

The midwife thinks I'm starting to drop - I'm not so sure...

Notice the complete lopsidedness that is my belly...That's ye olde bigfoot's doing.

Yep, we're pretty much just hanging out, waiting for him to make his appearance. Any day now, buddy. Any day...

The kitty is especially invested in this, as she believes she'll finally have my lap back. She's in for a semi-rude awakening...

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