Sunday, May 28, 2006

37 weeks!

Holy moly, we're at the point now where the boy could be born at any time. EEEEP!

Well, we had an interesting midwife appointment last week wherein I was told I had gained ANOTHER 6 lbs in the past two weeks (so we're up to 35 lbs total), but she thinks it's probably mostly water weight. I have been told to drink even MORE water, which means I get a lot more exercise going up and down the stairs to our 1 bathroom in the house. So it's double duty really - either it's water weight and this will help, or I've been eating too many cheetos and the extra exercise can't hurt. ;)

She was also semi-concerned because baby was WAY over on the right side, above my hip and she said was in danger of becoming stuck in a posterior (=back labor!!) position, so I was told to scrub the floors. Ha ha, ok, not really, but to be on my hands and knees as much as possible and to only lie on my left side. Since I was having some hip pain anyway on that side I moved up my chiropractor appointment and after being adjusted felt MUCH better. Much better. Like, I could get out of bed without doubling over. Then after a day of being in funny positions (thank god we don't have pictures of those) and taking a nice long 2 mile walk, I am happy to report that I felt the boy having hiccups in the perfect spot - on the left side, mostly in front. Yay! So hopefully he will make this new spot his permanent home until he decides it's time join us on the outside. Chad was so worried. Now he commands him to have hiccups all the time so I can tell him if he's still in a good spot. He doesn't really listen so well about getting hiccups on demand, but he's had the hiccups several times since then, and he's still in the good spot. Good baby!

To make sure everything stays all nice and lined up, I'm seeing the chiropractor twice a week until delivery. Thank goodness for good insurance!!!

I don't think he's fully "dropped" yet, but he is getting lower. And I know this because I don't want to die from heartburn anymore. On with the show!

37 weeks of water weight gain!

Is that the full moon? Oh no, it's just my GIANT BELLY.

A non-maternity shirt. Hilarious!!!

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