Thursday, May 11, 2006

35 weeks!

Oh yes, I am feeling the bigness of 35 weeks. What is very, very strange to us is the idea that I could go into labor in two weeks and the baby would be considered full term. What?!? We're not ready yet!!!

The boy is very active despite his lack of room to maneuver. Guess he missed that memo. He makes all kinds of bizarre contortions out of my belly, it is pretty entertaining. I can already tell he's taking after his mom in the foot department (who had GIGANTIC feet when born), they feel huge and hilarious as they poke out of my belly, making it super pointy at times. He is head down on the right side, which is just perfect, and he better stay that way! The midwife estimates that he is on the high side of 5 lbs, which is great although totally mind-boggling to us. She said he feels long and skinny, but that he'll start packing on the fat in the next few weeks (I was kind of hoping that he already had, since I could then blame my 6 lb-in-three-weeks weight gain on him...). But I've gained 29 lbs overall, which the midwife says is right on schedule. So, hooray! Onto the photographic evidence!

35 Weeks of Buddha Baby Belly

It's getting very serious...
Chad has informed me that it is no longer a "basketball belly..."Rather, it's a "medicine-ball belly."

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K said...

It's a lovely belly! :D I've gained over 30 lbs... and think this kid is probaby about 5 lbs right now...... the rest is on my ass. ;)