Sunday, August 27, 2006

My trip to the "Fair"

Greetings, Dear Readers: Silas T. Hickox, here with an update on my life as a baby. Mama and dad keep dragging me all over to different "experiences." Mostly, they put me in awkward positions and make me do demeaning things. Every once in awhile, they find something interesting to do. My trip to the fair was mostly boring (I slept through a lot of it--especially the stupid carnival. How can anyone think that's fun?!?)

Anyway, it was a hot day, so dad was kind enough to find me a fan. After that, his kindness lapsed, and he made me, in this order:


windblown (right up my shorts! Thanks a lot, dad!)

and tushy over teakettle (is that the expression?)

Next, mama and dad dragged me to see the chickens. It was actually pretty neat. They kept saying "Wahl, I say, sirrah, I say indeed" just like Foghorn Leghorn (only it sounded more like brawk-awk, baGAWK!)

I guess that's a chicken

Then we went to see the geese, swans, and ducks in the pond. I thought a "goose" was what dad does to my tushy sometimes. I don't see what these birds have to do with gooses. I didn't let them get close enough to my tushy for me to find out!

Finally, I got to see the bunnies. They tell me that grandpop's OTHER name is "Big Bunny." I don't know about that, but here I am with a real big bunny,

Unless I'm mistaken, this one wants to eat me. Look, it has already swallowed some other helpless baby. Thanks, dad, for saving me from a horrible fate!

Thus ends my photoessay on the Michigan State Fair. I saw some cows, too. They smelled bad. Dad kept saying "Smells like money!" I thought it smelled like poo, but what do I know? There were horses, too, and lots of noisy little things they called goats. In any case, it was a pretty fun trip (but don't tell mama and dad--I wouldn't want to encourage their eccentricity). Silas T. Hickox, signing off. Don't get in the way of hungry bunnies.


A said...

lol, I love a daddy who wears his baby, but yours wasn't in the wrap the whole time! :-D

K said...

I was gonna say the same thing... daddy looks good in a moby.. too bad he didn't use it ;)

keeta said...

He actually did wear him, I swear! It was just. so. hot!!!! ;)