Sunday, October 08, 2006


Greetings, readers, from Silas T. Hickox!

Here are some photos to our trip to the Apple Orchard and Cider Mill yesterday! There was a petting zoo, and mama and dad picked some apples. It was pretty fun overall.

Thank god Mama and Dad are below average in the intelligence department, they don't know you're not supposed to feed donuts to babies!!!!

Donuts make me big and tall!

Moooo....Mom tries a close-up...nice hat, mama!
This sheep wanted to eat babies, but mama wouldn't let her.
This gratuitous bunny shot is for Granpops.

Me and my mama and this llama are going to the a few years.

Mama and dad are very interested in this thing called Kitty and how she treats me as a baby. Here we're getting up-close and personal:

"Cats just keep falling on my head..."

Dad thought this shot was spooky. I know, he's totally weird.Mid-giggle?

My favorite thing to do is get tossed up in the air by dad!Ok, all this blogging is making me nappish.
Until next time, I remain your humble, adorable baby,
Silas T. Hickox

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nica said...

ok, seriously, he is the cutest baby i have ever seen. and i don't really like babies too much. the picture of him laughing while being held by chad just wrecks me. i can't promise that i'm not going to bite him when i meet him. i'm sorry.