Friday, October 20, 2006

Make Sure They Get My Best Side

Hello, dear readers, and welcome to my blog.

I call this series: I Just Woke Up.I call this series: Stuff On My Head

We Come In Peace.
Sometimes I wake up from sleeping and there is Stuff On My Head.
Mama!? What are you doing?!?Mama tells me this outfit is from my Nanny. I love Nanny!

Whee! Just playing on the floor with my friends.
This is the Arctic Winter Stuff On My Head.
Aaack! The Papparazzi!

Did you know there were photographers here?

Ah well, make sure they get my good side...I started a workout regimen! Here is me doing my push-up. Time for boob!

In other news, I've found my feet. They totally rule!
All this blogging has made me HUNGRY!
Fingers are no substitute for boob, so I gotta go.

Until next time, I remain your humble adorable baby,
Silas T. Hickox


The addition said...
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The addition said...

wow! that kid has a lot of hats...
the martins

K said...

Good lord he's adorable.

Lochlan said...

Love all the hats! What a stylish boi!
We have the black old navy one and Lochlan freaks because it falls over his eyes.

I'm loving that green striped whatever he is laying on (bedspread?)

Silas is devastatingly handsome!

kellie said...

you really should talk your parents into moving back to portland... you would fit in so perfectly; hats seem to be all the rage here these days.

p.s. you are so very cute! smart too; blogging at your age!