Saturday, February 17, 2007

Teef Times Two!

Hello loyal readers!

The other day I was acting really quiet while Mama was hanging up clothes in the closet. She found me like this:

I was like, What? I'm eating a cracker, mom. What's the big whoop? I've been reading in Discover magazine about things called molecules. I've been trying to systematically break down stuff into it's molecular components - well, mostly tissues and crackers, really. Mama calls it "messy" but I call it very, very interesting!
Have I told you guys about Mama? She is really funny.
She's trying to convince me to show you guys my two teefs, but I'm like, No, mom, mine aren't done yet! Show them yours!
She was pretty relentless, so I had to illustrate my reluctance in squeal language.
Here I'm saying, "Mama, are you sure this is a good idea?"

Oh alright. I guess I can show you guys.

Two Teefs!!!!!!! On the bottom. In the middle. In case it wasn't, y'know, obvious.
Anyway, I gotta go catch up with my boys, the fish. Those guys are so cool.
Snnnngghhh.....later peoples.

Snnnggghhh...I'm trying to catch my beauty rest.

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Anonymous said...

Silas is so handsome! And I love the teeth coming in! (You're so lucky that he sleeps in the swing still! Lochlan has no use for it anymore. BUT he is taking 2 hour naps every morning now. YAAAY!)

Oh and btw, it wouldn't let me comment ages ago when you posted your baby picture, but whoa! He looks so much like you! I actually thought you had done a vintage looking pic of silas.