Wednesday, February 07, 2007


Yes, I'm getting some.

Yes, it's incredibly annoying.

Yes, I'm putting everything in sight in my mouth. Witness my pain:

Yes, I'm keeping Mama and Dada up at night a lot. Because you wanna know why? My teef hurt.

Dad is threatening to drop me if I don't start sleeping better. But is he growing teef? NO!!!

I'm also driving Mama crazy because I am soooo mobile. Crawling rules! No more waiting to be picked up and moved to different parts of the house - I'm all about DIY, baby!
Just a short political message:
I gotta go! So much 'splorin' and chewing to be done!

Until next time, I remain your humble adorable baby,
Silas T.


Korin said...


teefs are the devil.

Anonymous said...

oh my god, the water faucet one is priceless. I feel your pain on the teef, Enzo won't sleep at all. We've been trying for almost 2 hours to get him to go down. Ugh!