Thursday, November 01, 2007

October Goodness

Cheese!No, I'm not lazy! Just very, very efficient. I just wanted to wait until October was over until I updated again. Yeah, that's it!

September and October were very busy around here. We had lots of grandparents visiting!

First Mimi and Pop came to town. We had a blast at Greenfield Village and walking around town. And swinging!
Then Grandmoms and Grandpops came visiting. We went all over, to Grand Rapids and to Holland, MI where they have a funny Dutch Village.

This giant bird tried to fly away with me, but Pops saved me.

Grandmoms helped me ride this horse (or as I like to call them "eh-yews, " you know, like the sound of a neigh!)Here's me riding another eh-yew. I love the ponies!I tried to pack myself into Grandmoms's luggage, but they caught me at security.The weather has finally started to get colder, so I've been wearing all kinds of new clothes. And shoes! Check out my Chuck Taylors that my cousin Evan picked out for me! They are my favorite-est shoes of all time, and they make me run real fast!
We've also been going on lots of nice walks in the woods lately.

Shadow dancing!

Smelling the "flowers."

Here's a little video of how we walk through the woods together:

One day we went to a pumpkin patch and played!

Of course, we've been living it up indoors as well.

Like diapering my monkey!
I call this one "flour power."
This is called the "I love tractors" scream.
And this series I call Bucking Bronco:

I'm an adrenaline junky. Here's me riding my eh-yew that Mimi and Pop gave me! I ride him every day, but he still doesn't have a name.
Here's me cooking in my new kitchen from Grandmoms and Grandpops!

And here is what we call the Mittened Musician.

But I know that the real moment you've all been waiting for is HALLOWEEN! As you can see, I was a froggy.

You didn't know that frogs rode ponies?!? Mama and Dada even took me trick or treating, and let me have just a teeny bit of candy. It changed my life.

Mmmmm, sugar coma....Well, that's all for now, peeps. I'll be back soon to post the 4 billion photos that grandmoms and grandpops took during their visit. A baby can only post so many pictures at a time!

Be cool.

Your humble, adorable toddler,
Silas T.

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