Sunday, February 10, 2008

The Long Overdue Holiday Madness Update

Don't blame me. Blame my parents. And grandparents. They got me so many new cool toys for the holidays, I haven't had a spare moment to do anything but play. Seriously.

Actually, I've been pretty busy even before Christmas, as you can see.

But Christmas in Oregon and Idaho were busy, too!

I was especially busy dancing with my friend, the goat.

Here is my goat with Aunt Nica's doggie, Roxy. They are eerily alike. It's enough to freak a baby out.

In Idaho, I called some ducks!

This is what Oregon looks like in December.
All in all, it's very pleasant and great for climbing hills!

It's also a nice place to visit the Children's Museum! It was totally fun.
I also did some reorganizing for Mamoo.

When we got home, there were MORE presents!

And now for the newest installment of "Stuff On My Head."

And here is the video segment for Stuff On My Head:

Other things I've been into lately:

Taking baths!
Running in my new squeaky shooooooes!

Snuggling with mama!
Eating with gloves on! I love a challenge.
Going to toddler dance class! Check it out, I bust a move.

And basically finding new places to hide from mom and dad. I can hardly hide long enough for them to find me, though.

Well, that's all I've got in me for tonight. It's time for mangia-night-nights!
Until next time, I remain your humble, adorable toddler,
Silas T.


McMama said...

OH, Silas, you are just too cute for words. We've missed you!

April & Lochy said...

Awww, silas is so grown up! What a lot of fun he has been having! Such a cutie!

ElevationBrews said...
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ian said...

yeah, your back!!! hope to see you again soon.
the martins