Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Hello glorious readers! I thought it was high time for an update on how I've been spending my wintertime in Michigan.

Mamoo and Pops sent me some play-silks! Mama made me some funny hats for this first installment of Stuff On My Head.

They're also great for building forts! Here I'm hidin' out with my buddies!
Mama made me some play-d'oh!
Here I'm having a very studious diaper change.
This is how I use this thing, right?
No? How about this?
Still not right? Do I just sit here? No? I'll have to keep working on it and get back to you.

We went to Phoenix on vacation!
There were lizards!
Flowers to smell!
Walks to take! Sometimes with mama:

Sometimes "self," as I like to say.By the end I packed myself, ready to go.

Our kitty went bye-bye forever. Here's us having one last snuggle.

Back to Stuff On My Head, Part II:
Sometimes I make some silly faces. This is the "llama llama mad at mama face," from one of my favorite books!
This is my "Joe Cool" face.

We're not sure what to call this, but maybe my "Whatchootalkin'boutWillis?" face.This is my "I love broccoli and pasta" face.
And my "Oh man! Black bean burgers AGAIN, mom?" face.
Did someone need to speak to an important executive?
Excuse me, I have to take this call.

My newest favorite dance. I predict it will be sweeping the nation shortly, macarena style!

I run like the wind and dance like a penguin.

And finally, I sing you alllll to sleeeeeep.....

Until next time, I remain your humble adorable toddler,
Silas T.

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Sarah said...

he's VERY cute - thanks for finding my blog so I could see how cute he is :)